USB Rechargeable Swatter LED Home Anti-mosquito

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USB Rechargeable Swatter LED Home Anti-mosquito
1. Unique dual-mode design: Manual mosquito killing mode: pick up an electric fly swatter, which will automatically kill mosquitoes; Intelligent mosquito-killing mode: lower the charge to kill mosquitoes, and release physical ultraviolet light waves to induce mosquito-killing. The built-in 368mm wavelength LDE ultraviolet lamp can be used as a mosquito killer. When the mosquito catching mode is turned on at night, this design that is particularly sensitive to mosquitoes will stimulate the mosquito's phototaxis instinct, and direct the mosquitoes to high-voltage electric shocks, purely physical light waves. 2. Safety: 3-layer power grid design, strong mosquito killing power, no electricity required. The front and rear two-layer isolation protection nets, no current, prevent accidental electric shock. Medium-density power grid, low current and safe voltage, within the safe range of human body, and strong voltage to mosquitoes and flies. 3. Double safety switch. Stay safe with your family.
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