Bamboo Salt

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Bamboo Salt
5g x 30's, 5g x 20’S, 5g x 10’S,

Usage Direction For preventive and healthy body maintenance purposes, it is recommended to add a sachet of Purple Bamboo Salt into a glass of clean water or juice to drink every morning and evening. It is preferable to ingest the dose 30 minutes before or after a meal and 30 minutes before bedtime. For cough, bronchitis, gum disease or sore throat, the best way is to take our Purple Bamboo Salt with your saliva and gargle for few times a day. Or you can use Purple Bamboo Salt in addition with your toothpaste to brush your teeth. The salt will help kill off various bacteria in your mouth that contributes to the problem, and greatly speeds up the recovery. For treating inflammations, mix our Purple Bamboo Salt with water and apply the salt solution to your wound, you may feel a stinging sensation for the first few days. But as the inflammation subsides, the stinging should decrease. Purple Bamboo Salt can be use as natural exfoliants for your skin. Add a sachet of Purple Bamboo Salt into your shower gel and gently scrub or massage your skin so that those dead skin cells can be sloughed away. Purple Bamboo Salt can be added into your regular shampoo solution. That way, the salt can congeal to your hair more easily before you rinse it off. The salt will get rid of dandruff and provides essential minerals for your scalp. With regular use, you will have much stronger hair and less chance of itchy scalp.

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